Superior level of condominium security:

We offer superior level of condominium security service. In preliminary meeting we determine the needs of our customers. Our strength lies in our comprehensive strategies to eradicate security risk to meet the needs of our customers.




How we analyze security risk to secure our customers:


Security analysis provides base for formulation of strategies to reduce risks. This analysis detects risk factors and early warns us about the vulnerabilities of our clients. In order to analyze the risks to our clients a set of various actions are performed:

  • Evaluate risk, threats, possibility of criminal activities in the condominium and possible courses of potential enemies;
  • Get information regarding enemies of our customers and their strengths;
  • Keep eye on the security of overall zone;
  • Determine the deficit points, efficiency of electronic security installed at different places and critical installations to assess the internal weaknesses;
  • Routinely analyze work in progress and suppliers with in the premises of the building, efficiency of security team, behavior of the visitors and formulate rules and instructions for employees to efficiently analyze the security environment with in the premises;
  • Analyze fire prevention, evacuation system and crisis management plan;
  • And more.

Results of security risk analysis:
After comprehensive analysis final report on security risk and threats is prepared and presented to clients. This report gives detailed view of security, facts and discoveries about the risk and solutions to control the risks and security threats. Security plan is the part of final report.

Implementation of condominium project security:

In order to implement a high level of preventive security for the condominium we approach the project with our exclusive methodology based on the following preformed actions:

  • Identifying the risks.
  • Analyzing the risk.
  • Defining the solutions following by a detailed final report;
  • Presentation to the costumer ;(Condos representatives)
  • Adapting the report according to the integration between costumer requirements and level of risks; (Cost benefits)
  • Research and definition of security company that can, both professionally and administratively, attend the project;
  • Security and Safety procedures and policies are formulated;
  • Special and exclusive GA (Special Training Courses for condos security staff) is provided;
  • Training and preventive lectures for residents;(Upon demand)
  • Security plan is implemented and results are presented to customers;
  • Solutions are based on client preference and could be implemented for short, medium or long terms.
  • Consultancy and control;
  • And more.