Pre-employment screening test

Integrity Meter pre-employment screening test is the most comprehensive and reliable online credibility test of its kind. The test provides a thorough review of each candidate's personal profile and a mechanism for exposing attempts to conceal information, assuring that the customer will be satisfied that they have received the most reliable and accurate results. gives human resources and hiring managers a better recruitment tool to manage the selection, hiring and retention of employees. This test can be used as a supplement to a background check.

A Complete Profile From One Test

The comprehensive coverage of the pre-employment screening test allows organizations to receive extensive information on a candidate's background and character and compare that to the company's needs and priorities. Among other things the test screens for the following characteristics: motivation, perseverance, reliability, personal integrity, reporting habits, inclination towards theft, direct and indirect involvement in criminal activity, and industrial espionage.

Breakthrough Recruitment Tool

At the core of the pre-employment screening test is a proprietary and innovative mechanism capable of exposing concealment attempts. In addition, the system employs smart techniques to analyze answers by test takers during the test in order to prevent possible false positives.

The operating mechanism of Integrity Meter

credibility tests is one of the most

advanced in the world.

Clear-Cut Results

Unlike many credibility and assessment tests which offer limited results and are open to interpretation, our pre-employment screening test provides conclusive and clear-cut results. Accordingly, the test creates a clear picture of each candidate, which simplifies and streamlines the decision-making process.

Complete Openness

The system produces a conclusive report composed of the candidate's key traits, with conclusions and recommendations on how hiring managers should proceed. Each presentation of a specific trait exhibited by a candidate is supported by professional explanations on how each conclusion was drawn, as well as the corresponding response given by the candidate.

Personal Adjustment

The pre-employment screening test is characterized by its ability to be optimally adjusted to suit the nature and objectives of each organization, starting with the organization's leadership and continuing down through each department. Among other things, the organization can choose to add or remove additional questions and subjects. In addition, the level of significance for each of the subject can be altered and a suitable threshold for the organization can be determined.

Customer Involvement

The test results are received by the test administrator in an advanced format that gives the organization an opportunity to re-estimate results of each test (compared to the system's default options). For example,the organization has the capability of decreasing the value impact of each answer, "disincorporating" certain findings and many other options. Moreover, the feedback format allows the organization to focus follow-up questioning according to the candidate's response to specific test questions.

Ease of Use

The pre-employment screening test can be performed on any internet-connected computer and does not require the installation of any software. The test utilizes only the computer mouse (and not the keyboard) to enable optimal concentration of test takers.

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