Loss prevention a prerequisite for productive environment:

We prevent losses faced by our customers. Unlike insurance we offer services to prevent losses before happening. Our efficient loss prevention services, strategies and resources minimize the exposure and likelihood of losses and lessen the impacts of losses. We work with our clients to get clear identification of their needs.

What is Loss Prevention?

Loss Prevention is the concept of establishing policies, procedures and business practice to prevent the loss of inventory or monies in a retail environment. Developing a program around this concept will help you to reduce the opportunities that these losses can occur and more specifically, work to prevent the loss.

Why do you need to understand loss prevention?

When your company experiences a loss, the company is losing direct, to the bottom line profitability. Lost inventory requires replenishment at a cost to the retailer and lost monies cannot be replaced. The cost of these losses goes direct to the bottom line of a retail balance sheet causing lost profits. Profits that could have been used for new inventory, new store openings, employee benefits, increased earnings or improvements.

Why do you need a loss prevention function?

Like any other part of your business a loss prevention function or established program helps make the business better. You have business functions around sales, marketing, human resources and more - why wouldn't you have a business function around the protection and prevention of loss?

How do losses occur?

Most losses occur in three categories; internal theft, external theft and through errors.

Here are some brief descriptions of each category:

Internal (Employee) Theft is the largest contributor to loss for most costumers. regardless of size or segment. Every survey, study and comparison across segments has shown time and time again that those who steal from a business the most are employees. Employee theft occurs through many different methods.

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Os principais fatores para se pensar em Prevenção e Redução:


External Theft is often caused by shoplifting, break-ins, robberies or other acts by outside sources. Although it does not cause as much loss overall compared to internal theft, shoplifting and external theft most certain causes a substantial amount of loss annually to the retail industry.

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Errors. Often considered paperwork errors, these mistakes can contribute upwards of over 15%-20% of a retailer's annual loss. Most of the errors seen in retail are employee-caused, thereby making a retailer's employee perhaps the highest contributor to the business loss every year!

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How we help our customers to prevent loss:

We develop preventive solutions to fight losses and frauds, with a team specially trained in the successful implementation of Risk Loss and Fraud Prevention Strategies.

Taking into account the common problems and difficulties of the industry in which your company functions, the particularities of Brazil reality and the specific items presented by our costumers during a preliminary meeting/s, we able to present a tailor made proposal for the realization of a Risk Survey, prevention and implementation.

During the process of the Survey we are engaging the needed activities to recognize the process of the client's operation. 100%, focusing on observing and analyzing vulnerabilities and areas of opportunity.

How do I know if I may have a loss prevention problem?

Losses can be caused by many different reasons and through a variety of methods. How you know you may have a problem is to look for possible symptoms that the business is not being profitable.

Here are some questions you can ask to see if you may have a loss prevention problem:
  • Your costs increasing but your sales are staying the same or decreasing?
  • You notice empty containers, hangers or missing items?
  • Employees are reporting shoplifting issues or concerns?
  • You have been the victim of a robbery over the past year (robbers look for easy targets)
  • You are losing inventory but no one mentions any shoplifting or theft events? (possible employee theft)
  • One employee reports shoplifting events but nobody else is witness to these events?
  • Sales are down consistently when a certain employee works?
  • Your cash drawer never balances and has small overages and shortages?
  • A certain employee has a high number of refunds, voids or no-sales and not the only employee authorized to handle these transactions?
  • Friends hanging around of asking for a certain employee?

These are only a few of the potential indicators that your location may have a loss prevention problem.